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Who are Velenje Black Miners

Velenje Black Miners is Slovenian American football team established in Velenje. Velenje Black Miners are one and only American football club in Savinjska region. Our club is also member at Slovenian olympic union and Slovenian American football union (Zveze za Ameriški nogomet Slovenije).

Club goals for 2022

Slovenian American football leage 2022

The Slovenian Football League is a national competition in American football. After a long time, the state competition in American football will be reopened in Slovenia. Our team was among the first to apply for this competition, which will be in the fall.

Grand large tournament in Lyon 2022

Our team received an invitation from the team Les Sailors from France to participate in their international tournament. In addition to the national competition in Slovenia, our team will also participate in this tournament.

Slovenian Flag football leage 2022

Flag football is a version of American football with almost the same rules as traditional American football. Flag football can be played on open or closed pitches. Our team will participate in the national championship in this interesting sport.

Adria Bowl

Our team will participate in the American football tournament in Rovinj, Croatia. More than twenty teams from different parts of Europe are participating in the tournament. This is an ideal opportunity for our team to show what it is capable of..

Balkan football leage 2022

After long preparations, our team will play the Balkan Football League 2022 (BFL 2022). Seven different countries are participating in the league: Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.



In September, our club has a new training schedule.

– Wednesday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., training will be organized at the NK Rudar playground (on the playground with artificial grass).

– Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., trainings will be organized at the NK Rudar playground (on the playground with artificial grass).

In October and November, we plan 3 times a week training.



Katarina Krivokuća

Katarina Krivokuća is our Flag football team member. She started her career in Serbia in her native Čačak. After enrolling at the faculty in Maribor, she continued with trainings in our club. The Slovenian Flag football league is underway, in which Katarina plays in the center position. We are glad that you are with us!


Miha Leskovar

Our starting player in American football is Miha Leskovar. Miha is one of the most experienced players in our team. He started training in the Maribor generals, and after the breakup of the club from Maribor, he moved to our club. He plays in the position of TE and LB. Miha, we hope to play many more seasons together.


Nikola Sredojević

Nikola Sredojevic is a new player in our team. And if he is new, in both selections he showed talent and desire to play American football. In the selection of American football, he played in the positions of CB, and in the matches of Flag football, where he played excellently in the positions of VR and CB. Nikola is very ambitious and we hope that he will be one of our main players in the coming seasons.

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