We are proud to announce our participation in the regional competition of the American Football League - Balkan Football League 2022!

In our initial season, 2022, our team from Slovenia will compete with teams from Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina in regional tournaments and do their best to lay the foundations for functional and sustainable competition in sports and its further development.

The first season of the league began in the spring of 2022. Our team started in the group "West", where it met with teams from Zagreb, Novi Sad and Sarajevo. Our goal is to promote American football, fair sports and fun competitions for young people in the Balkans and try to place as well as possible until the finals.

In 2022 we played 3 games. Unfortunately, we did not qualify for the final competition. On the links below you can see pictures and videos from this season.

Novi Sad Wild Dogs - Velenje Black Miners

Velenje Black Miners - Zagreb Patriots

Velenje Black Miners - Sarajevo Spartans