How we started?

The first training was in November 2021 on the field of the football club Šoštanj. A couple of players from old clubs who are no longer active gathered and started training. Over time, the number of players increased and the club decided to apply for the Balkan League. The new players refreshed the club and added new energy and motivation for training.

Friendly match with the team from Murska Sobota Storks

After short preparations, in cooperation with the team of Murska Sobota, two friendly matches were organized between our two teams, where at the NK Rudar stadium in borrowed jerseys of Maribor Generals, our players managed to defeat the team of Murska Sobota with the result 36:20. We lost the second game in Murska Sobota with the result 39:19.



After long preparations, our team played the Balkan football League 2022 (BFL 2022) with the help of the Murska Sobota Storks team. The first season was played in the spring of 2022, with eight teams divided into two divisions. Our team prepared the West for the group and this year they played 3 games. We played the first game in Novi Sad against the Wild Dogs, the second in Velenje against the Zagreb Patriots and the third in Murska Sobota against the Spartans from Sarajevo. Unfortunately, our team did not make it to the finals of this league.

Slovenian Flag Football Leage

Flag football is version of american football with almost the same rules as traditional american football. Flag football can be played on open or closed playgrounds. The main difference is that the any kind of contact is not alloved, such as blocking or tackling. The team consists of 5 players on the field. Our team is also a member of the Slovenian Flag Football League, where we are competing for the champion of the national championship in flag football.


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