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The American football club Velenje Black Miners was founded by a group of enthusiasts and lovers of this sport, led by Stojanov Lazar, who has many years of experience on the field as a player and as a coach in Slovenia and abroad.
He passed on his passion and knowledge for this sport to friends and associates who soon joined the family of American football. Inspired by this sport, on November 25, 2021, this group of young guys founded a club in Velenje with the desire to raise the level of American football in Slovenia.
Then they came up with the idea to name the club Black Miners, after the famous symbol of our city.

The club will soon start with trainings and promotions in order to popularize this sport in Slovenia. The efforts of the management did not go unnoticed and more and more people are starting to appear at the trainings. After a few months of hard training and work, the only logical step followed, the first game. In cooperation with the team from Murska Sobota, an unofficial friendly match was organized between our two teams, where at the NK Rudar stadium in the jerseys of Maribor Generals, our players managed to win over the team from Murska Sobota with the result 36:20.

We want to train as many selections as possible, primarily younger teams that will participate in various competitions in the country and abroad.
As American football fans know, in addition to contact American football, there is also contactless American football – flag football.
Flag football is primarily a selection for the youngest, but it has also gained great popularity among seniors.
This sport is not planned only for the male population, there are also selections for girls that we plan to establish in the summer days of the new 2022.

Today, there are a lot of young people who do not have any physical activity. Our idea is to find young and talented athletes and include them in the process of training and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. American football as a sport is very suitable for the proper development of youth. This is the only sport that contains several different positions that require different physical preparation, which means that in our sport are welcome and low and high and thin and fat.

Club goals

– Promotion of sports, sports spirit and adoption of healthy living habits
– Development of interest and love for sports
– Finding young talents
– Establishing several different selections divided by age
– Participation in various competitions in the country and region
– Winning championship titles
– Organizing training camps
– Anti-doping youth training
– Connecting local sports
– Providing sports scholarships
– Raising the level of American football in Slovenia

 American football is a rare sport in our country, but everyone who joins the American football family will stay in it for the rest of his life. American football is not just a sport, it is a way of life !!!

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